Verzó: 2.41
Kiadási dátum: 2010.04.02.
Magyarosítás: 100% (2.41)
Program: sdc32.exe sdc64.exe  
Forrás kód: SVN
Magyarosítás: hun.xml

  • fixed compatibility with older ADC clients in passive mode
  • crash fixes
  • deadlock fix
  • adding OPs to ignore list is allowed
  • correctly displaying finished status in queue frame
  • fixed country flags crash under win2000
  • added country flags into userlist
  • slow chunks overlapping is applied on very slow sources too
  • improved clients detection
  • ignored users are saved on exit
  • tabs can be placed on all sides of window

Régebbi verziók:


sdc203.rar sdc203_src.rar


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